Dozer Belly Plate Jacks

Remove your maintenance personnel from suspended load hazards by harnessing TED®’s remote control operation. Keep your fitters safe during maintenance operations; particularly in the critical lowering phase of belly plate removal.


  • Safety Mechanisms
  • Load lock valves
  • Strobe and alarm to provide a visual and auditory warning when in use.
  • Emergency stop button on both TED and Remote control.
  • Deadman switch on the remote
  • Dual pole lockable battery isolator


Belly plates crush fitters! Right here in Africa, there have been numerous fatalities from falling belly plates whilst carrying out maintenance in the past 3 years.

Protecting against the back, shoulder, neck, and muscular-skeletal injuries. By taking the weight off the body in awkward unnatural postures, fitters can expect a reduction in manual handling-related injuries.

Fatigue reduction, resulting in greater alertness and less chance for ‘mind off the job’ injuries.

Unplanned moves and stored energy releases are some of the most dangerous hazards in mining. Keeping your fitters out of the line of fire by using a remote-controlled TED will help to safeguard against these deadly hazards in many maintenance applications.

Hand and finger pinch and crush injuries. Keep your fitter’s hands away from pinch points and crush zones by having components supported by TED and attachments.



Most of the attachments fall into two main categories – front attachments or turntable attachments.

The front attachments feature lugs that simply slide into the front of TED and are secured by two yellow pins. Most front attachments lift 200Kg, which can be increased up to 400Kgs with the addition of Counter Balance.

Turntable attachments all have the same base footprint, attaching to TED’s turntable, or an extender, via 4 bolts. The usual weight capacity for this type of attachment is up to 800Kgs, less for pivoting and moving attachments.

Endless Versatility

Whether you’re working on dump trucks, dozers, graders, scrapers, service carts, push cats, water carts, or any other heavy machinery, TED and attachments provide a stable base to safely conduct maintenance from. With jigs (attachments) designed in all different shapes and styles, the range of tasks that TED can take the weight out of is endless. We have attachments designed for general maintenance and more specific jobs on Liebherr Ultra Class, Caterpillar, Hitachi, Komatsu, LeTourneau, Terex, and many other types of machinery.

Apart from the list below, we regularly have new attachments in the design process. If you don’t see an attachment for a job you’d like to use TED for, drop us a line and some info about the job, and we’ll see what we can imagine and create for you.


Lower manual handling; experience superior flexibility and control

There are undeniable links to fatigue and workplace accidents.

Don’t let your fitters add to the hand injury statistics. Get our Lift Assist range working hard to support your safety goals and help keep your fitters safe.

Lift Assist 40 arm

Protect against hand injuries and take the weight out of repetitive tasks with the Lift Assist 40 tooling manipulator arm.

Gimble Attachment

Achieve the sixth degree of movement, roll with the Gimble Mount Attachment. Chose from Large or small depending on the tooling and the task.

Quick Release Coupling

The quick release attachment enables you to have multiple tooling items set up and ready to go with only seconds required to make the change.

S Bend Extension

The ‘S bend’ module reconfigures the Lift Assist 40 arm to allow reach into tight spots.

LA Stand

Currently, in the design process, the LA40 stand will enable the LA40 arm to stand 3m high, making it suitable for tyre bays as well as the workshop.